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An Online Composition

ODD COUPLES is a catalogue of 24 duos composed by Gordon Williamson in 2021/22. These miniatures explore a unique combination of voice and/or instruments, such as tuba and electric guitar, organ and harmonica or flexatone and trombone. These pieces have been recorded in various cities in Europe and North America and the videos are posted above (an initial impulse for the project was a creative response to the Corona pandemic and its challenges to international collaboration as well as the difficulties in filming concert music). 

ODD COUPLES is an online, interactive composition: one can peruse/surf through various duos in any order they choose. Each of the 24 links above opens a new page with an ODD COUPLE and at the bottom of each page are three suggestions of which video to see next. There is also a ‘home’ button, should one want to find their own unique path through the duos. Enjoy!

(The ODD COUPLES catalogue is being released between Feb. 15 and May 15 of 2022….  so stay tuned for the complete work!).